Quantum Chromodynamics (SS 2011)

Lecture: Thu 12-14, Fri 10-12 (D6-135) [SS 2011]
York Schröder (E6-118)
yorks at physik dot uni-bielefeld dot de
Homepage: http://www.physik.uni-bielefeld.de/~yorks/qcd11
Prerequisites: Quantum Field Theory
Literature: QCD and Jet physics
* Muta: Foundations of Quantum Chromodynamics
  (perturbative QCD in great pedagogical detail, starting with field theory)
* Ellis, Stirling, Webber: QCD and Collider Physics
  (detailed overview of physics at high-energy colliders, emphasising the role of QCD)
* Narison: QCD as a Theory of Hadrons
  (introduction to the basic theory and recent advances in QCD, pert and non-pert aspects)
Field Theory
* Peskin, Schroeder: An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory [mainly part III] (website with corrections)
  (comprehensive and pedagogical treatment of QFT from basics to SM physics)
* Weinberg: The Quantum Theory of Fields [Vol. 2]
  (detailed presentation of advanced material)
* Zee: Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell
  (a fun book that discusses briefly the key ideas and uses of QFT)
* Collins: Renormalization - Introduction to Renormalization, the Renormalization Group, and the Operator-Product Expansion
  (complete treatise on methods of renormalization)
Standard Model
* Griffiths: Elementary Particle Physics
* Burgess, Moore: The Standard Model - A Primer
* Georgi: Weak Interactions and Modern Particle Theory (online version)
* The Review of Particle Physics (online version)
  (resource for up-to-date experimental results)
Classic QFT courses that have influenced the way that generations of physicists view and teach QFT
* Sidney Coleman, QFT lectures 1975-76 (Harvard):
  Videos (Harvard U.); handwritten notes part 1, part 2 (by Brian Hill; 6.5MB each); typeset version of part 1 (by Bryan Gin-ge Chen)
* Freeman Dyson, QFT lectures 1951 (Cornell):
  Notes can be found here.
Semesterapparat (see also Semesterapparate QFT and Elementary Particle Physics)
* Useful review of QFT textbooks from a student's perspective (by Philip Tanedo)
* A detailed guide to QCD literature from a researcher's perspective (by A.Kronfeld and C.Quigg)
Topics: * Basics: Gauge symmetry, Lagrangian, Feynman rules, Quantization
* Fundamentals: Loops, Asymptotic freedom, Renormalization
* Phenomenology: Hadron production, Deep inelastic scattering, Jets, Gluon saturation, QCD and Heavy ion physics
* Features: Confinement, Anomalies, ...
Schedule: 07.04.: Introduction (plot: running coupling)
08.04.: Reality checks, Color (plot: hadron spectrum)
14.04.: Group theory; Notation
15.04.: Gauge invariance
21.04.: Yang-Mills lagrangian
22.04.: [Karfreitag]
28.04.: QCD and its symmetries
29.04.: Quantization, path integral
05.05.: QCD Feynman rules
06.05.: Gauge choice
12.05.: Renormalization, regularization
13.05.: One-loop divergences: Quark loop
19.05.: Gluon self-energy
20.05.: Other one-loop divergences
26.05.: One-loop counterterms
27.05.: QCD Beta function, running coupling
02.06.: [Himmelfahrt]
03.06.: ee annihilation into hadrons (LO), measured R(E)
09.06.: R(s) at Z pole
10.06.: ee -- hadrons: real QCD corrections
Evalu.: Questions, Answers, Normalization
16.06.: ee -- hadrons: virtual QCD corrections
17.06.: Results, scheme dependence, higher orders
23.06.: [Fronleichnam]
24.06.: DIS, structure functions
30.06.: DIS: real QCD corrections, some data
01.07.: DIS: virtual QCD corrections
07.07.: Factorization, evolution equations
08.07.: Anomalies
14.07.: Chiral Anomaly and consequences
15.07.: Outlook
all pages of script in one file (continuously updated) table of contents
Exam: Oral exam; Registration at the end of the semester; Dates Jul 18-27, Sep 26-30, Oct 4-7.
Links: CERN (Video: CERN in 3 minutes; LHC Status)
Planck- to Hubble-scale (60 orders of magnitude; animation): Scales of the universe
BBC Horizon Video: What is reality?