Thin Films and Physics of Nanostructures


We offer consultance and transfer of technology in the areas of ultrathin films, thin film magnetism, magnetic film structures and devices, magnetic sensors, and in corresponding problems of micropatterning and analysis.

We are equipped to perform magnetic, transport and structural measurements of films and multilayer systems. Moreover, we operate laser- and e-beam lithography systems and various microscopes (Auger, AFM, SEM with EDX etc.), see our Equipment page for a more complete list.

A detailled description of our offers for the development of sensors, storage- and logic devices can be found at our Center for Spinelectronic Materials and Devices.

A large number of additional offers for collaborative research and development in the fields of solid state-, nano- and biophysics can be found at the Bielefeld Institute for Biophysics and Nanoscience.

Please mail your requests directly to Günter Reiss or Andreas Hütten

or use regular mail, phone or fax:

Prof. G. Reiss or Prof. A. Hütten
Thin Films & Physics of Nanostructures
Bielefeld University, D2
Universitätsstrasse 25
33615 Bielefeld

Phone: +49.521.106.5412
Fax: +49.521.106.6046




Center for Spinelectronic Materials and Devices
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