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Please address general questions to our team assistance
Aggi Windmann:
Phone: +49.521.106.5412
Mail: windmann(at)physik.uni-bielefeld.de

Phone- and room numbers of our main laboratories:

Labs at D2 (main university building):

Sputter deposition and ALD: 2585, D2-262
Thin film deposition (CLAB600, MBE): 2617, D2-229
X-ray reflectivity, diffraction, fluorencence: 5409, D2-244

Labs at D02 (main university building):

AES and calorimetry: 2511, D02-225c
AGM and thermal gradients setup: 12729, D02-202

Labs at E0 (XPhy bulding):

REM: 12563, XPhy E0-308
FIB: 12566, XPhy E0-405
Technical room REM/FIB: 12683, XPhy E0-307

TEM: 12564, XPhy E0-311
Technical room TEM: 12685, XPhy E0-312

Clean room: 12567, XPhy E0-406
Sluice of the clean room: 12684, XPhy E0-310

Labs at E1 (XPhy bulding):

Magnetic setups I: 12589, XPhy E1-405
Magnetic setups II: 12592, XPhy E1-408
Cryo lab / Deposition: 12590, XPhy E1-406
Central preparation: 12591, XPhy E1-407
AFM / STM: 12593, XPhy E1-409

Thermoelectric lab: XPhy E1-309
Technical room Thermoelectric lab: XPhy E1-310
Tea kitchen: 12569, XPhy E1-106

General phone numbers (XPhy bulding):

Foyer info point: 12649
Foyer door: 12650
Communication zone 1st floor: 12651