Thin Films and Physics of Nanostructures


Research is always evolving and the available Bachelor, Master and PhD postions change very quickly. Email the corresponding supervisor for open positions or come in person to one of us and we will be happy to discuss possible projects.

Currently, we are looking for people to work on the following topics:

Magnetic devices and magnetization dynamics [more...]
(email to Günter Reiss)

Nanoparticles, biosensors and special alloys [more...]
(email to Andreas Hütten)

Spin caloritronics and magnetooptics [more...]
(email to Timo Kuschel)

Electronic structure of spinelectronic materials [more...]
(email to Markus Meinert)

Spectroscopy of interfaces and surfaces [more...]
(email to Jan Schmalhorst)

Bielefeld University
faculty of physics