Thin Films and Physics of Nanostructures


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Thin film deposition

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BesTec 3" Co-Sputtering System

  • sputter deposition
  • 8 sources, 3", DC or RF mode
  • ultra high vacuum
  • sample heating (1000C), rotation
  • 10 kW electron beam evaporator
  • 1kW rapid thermal annealing unit
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Leybold CLAB600

  • sputter deposition
  • 6 sources, 4", DC or RF mode
  • high vacuum
  • automatic sample handling
  • plasma oxidation chamber
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BesTec 2" Co-Sputtering System

  • sputter deposition
  • 4 sources, 2", DC or RF mode
  • ultra high vacuum
  • sample heating (1000C), rotation
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Molecular Beam Epitaxy & Leybold CLAB560

  • 4 sources, 4", DC or RF mode
  • 4 Knudsen cells for co-deposition
  • electron beam evaporation
  • sample heating (1000C)
  • ultra high vacuum
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Insulator Sputtering

  • DC or RF reactive sputtering
  • ultra high vacuum
  • TaOx, SiO2, Ta, Au

Thin film processing & Lithography

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Clean Room

  • wet bench, spin coating
  • UV lithography with masks
  • Heidelberg Instruments DWL66 laser lithography with CAD control
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Ion Beam Etching

  • low-voltage ion beam (up to 1.2keV)
  • ultra high vacuum
  • secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS)
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FEI Helios NanoLab DualBeam
Focused Ion Beam

  • Ga ion beam
  • nano-manipulator
  • scanning electron microscope
  • EDX for mapping
  • 3D tomography
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Zeiss LEO 1530
Scanning Electron Microscope

  • 5-20kV operating voltage
  • high vacuum
  • EDX detector
  • Raith laser interferometer sample stage for electron beam lithography
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Jipelec JetLight Rapid Thermal Processing

  • rapid thermal annealing (RTA)
  • rapid thermal processing (RTP)
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Annealing Furnace

  • up to 550C
  • ultra high vacuum
  • field cooling (0.65T)
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Hybond 572A Bonder

  • Al or Au wire
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TPT HB 16 Bonder

  • Al or Au wire
  • Ball and wedge bonding


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Philips X'Pert Pro MPD
x-ray diffractometer

  • Theta-Theta geometry
  • Cu Ka source
  • Bragg-Brentano optics
  • open Euler cradle
  • LN2 chamber for cryo measurements
  • x-ray reflectivity (XRR)
  • small angle x-ray scattering (SAXS)
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Amptek XR-100CR
x-ray fluorescence detector

  • upgrade for Philips X'Pert diffractometer
  • Cu source
  • He enclosure for elements down to Al
  • no LN2
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Auger Electron Microscope

  • Ar ion gun for depth profiling
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Vector MOKE

  • 3-axis magnet (0.35T)
  • perpendicular or 45 incident light
  • polar, longitudinal, transverse geometry
  • sample rotation
  • s- and p-polarized incident light
  • measurement of Kerr rotation and ellipticity
  • different wavelengths
  • heating of samples
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  • Bruker electromagnet (up to 2T)
  • polar and longitudinal geometry
  • 650nm Laser
  • s- or p-polarized incident light
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Cryogenic Ltd.

  • closed cycle He cryostat (2K)
  • 3He dilution insert (0.3K)
  • 4T superconducting magnet
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  • Temperature 1.7k - 400 k
  • up to 7 T magnetic field
  • x + y magnetization measureable
  • RSM mode
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Oxford Cryostat

  • closed cycle He cryostat (13K)
  • various solenoids (up to 1T)
  • MultiMag Halbach array (1T)
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Magnetoresistance Setup

  • 2-point or 4-point measurements
  • magnetic field up to 0.3T
  • lock-in capability
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Thermal Gradients Setup

  • rotating magnetic field and temperature gradient
  • up to 0.1 T magnetic field, Δ T 30 K
  • thermal camera
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Princeton MicroMag
Alternating Gradient Magnetometer

  • Magnetic Field: 1.4T
  • cryo insert for LN2 or LHe, sample heating
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Atomic Force Microscope Broker Multimode 5

  • Tapping Mode, Contact Mode
  • Magnetic Force Mode (MFM)
  • Conducting AFM
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Scanning Tunneling Microscope

  • ultra high vacuum
  • in-situ sample preparation
  • 3" sputter sources
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Keyence VHX-600
Optical Microscope

  • digital microscope
  • reflecting microscope
  • Z100-R zoom lens 100x-1000x
  • absolute calibration
  • 3D capability
  • polarization filter

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