Wolfgang Unger

Emmy Noether-Fellow
High Energy Physics Group
Universität Bielefeld

wunger at physik.uni-bielefeld.de

Contact Information

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Research Interests

My main research interest is the thermodynamics of quantum chromodynamics (QCD), in particular via lattice QCD.
I try to understand the QCD phase diagram, and the dependence of the chiral and deconfinement transition on the quark mass and the number of quark flavors.

I am particulary interested in limits of QCD (like the chiral limit, the strong coupling limit at finite density, at the Roberge-Weiss point) where there exist various tri-critical points. I would like to understand whether and how the various tri-critical points are connected via tri-critcial lines.

Within the Emmy-Noether Project "Lattice QCD at strong coupling", we aim to tackle this problem via strong coupling expansions combined with Monte Carlo simulations, such that the QCD phase diagram can be studied in the plane of baryon chemical potential and temperature.

Software ARIADNE

For the numerical investigations, we wrote a software package of algorithms for models in statistical mechanics. The main application is for lattice QCD at finite chemical potential. There is a wide range of available algorithms, but the emphasis is on the worm algorithms.

We make use of a redmine to organize the code development and discuss physical results. Please contact me for a login if you are interested in our software project.

The git repository can be cloned from here:
    git clone https://YOUR_USERNAME@git.physik.uni-bielefeld.de/ariadne

Master Thesis written in my Group:

Aaron von Kamen: The Canonical Phase Diagram of Strong Coupling QCD from the Wang-Landau Method''
     finished July 2019
Timo Kaja: ``Analysis of Critical Behavior in Strong Coupling QCD with an improved Worm algorithm''
     finished July 2019
Max Beuse: ``Implementation of an anisotropy in Hybrid Monte Carlo for GPU computing''
     finished May 2019
Manuel Göz:``A 3-D Effective Theory for Staggered Fermions''
     finished Nov. 2018
Dennis Bollweg: ``The Equation of State of lattice QCD in the Strong Coupling Regime''
     finished Sep. 2018