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High Energy Physics

Astroparticles and Cosmology

Big bang, part 2: the second inflation (New Scientist, 19 May 2010)
Das Standard Modell der Kosmologie unter Beschuss (nzz 09.04.08)
A Singular Conundrum: How Odd Is Our Universe? (Science News Focus, 28 September 2007)

Landoldt-Bornstein: Particle Cosmology in Elementary Particles: Physics and Methods (Ed. H Schopper)
Ann. Rev. Nuc. Part. Sci.: Phase Transitions in the Early and Present Universe
The evolution of the universe is the ultimate laboratory for studying fundamental physics across energy scales that span approximately 25 orders of magnitude. The standard models of cosmology and particle physics provide the basic understanding of the early and present universe and predict a series of phase transitions that occurred in succession during the universe's expansion and cooling history.
Scientific American: Is the Universe Out of Tune? [ COSMOLOGY ]
Like the discord of key instruments in a skillful orchestra quietly playing the wrong piece, mysterious discrepancies have arisen between theory and observations of the "music" of the cosmic microwave background. Either the measurements are wrong or the universe is stranger than we thought

Cosmology Cosmological inflation
Cosmic microwave background
Multipole Vectors Information
Dark matter and dark energy
Particle Astrophysics Cold dark matter at small scales
Cosmological QCD transition
Neutron stars
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Introduction to Cosmology (Doktorandenschule Saalburg 2009)
lectures I, II, III, IV, V
Five Lectures on Particle Cosmology (CERN Academic Training Programme 2007)
slides and video

WS 09/10: Kernphysik (Vorlesung + Übung)
WS 08/09: Cosmology (lectures + exercises)
SS 08: Theoretische Physik IV (Vorlesung + Übung)
WS 07/08: Teilchenphysik (Vorlesung + Übung)
SS 07: Physik der Gravitation (Vorlesung + Übung)

Themen für Bachelor-, Master- und Diplomarbeiten auf Anfrage
Prüfungstermine TP IV, Kerne, Teilchen, Gravitation, Kosmologie: 22. Februar 2010, 22. März 2010; Anmeldung im Prüfungsamt

Selected talks
Dunkle Materie und Dunkle Energie (Schüler-Herbstakademie 2009)

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