Statistical Mechanics of Learning

Participating group members: Ralf Eichhorn, Peter Reimann
Main external cooperation partners: Chris Van den Broeck, Géza Györgyi, Michael Biehl


Order parameter function x(q) of a model neuron beyond its storage capacity (continuous replica symmetry broken phase) for different inverse temperatures beta.

General context: neural networks, modeling of learning and data-analysis by means of methods from classical statistics and statistical mechanics, especially replica-techniques. In particular: new concepts and optimization of so-called unsupervised learning. Unified description of memorization and generalization problems. Theoretical limits for learning (Bayes limit) and their practical implementation as learning algorithms. Generalization for neural network setups of replica-symmetry-breaking methods, originally introduced by G. Parisi in the context of spin glass theory.

Main publications:

P. Reimann and C. Van den Broeck
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Phys. Rev. E 53, 3989 (1996)

C. Van den Broeck and P. Reimann
Unsupervised Learning by Examples: On-line versus Off-line
Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 2188 (1996)

G. Györgyi and P. Reimann
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M. Copelli, R. Eichhorn, O. Kinouchi, M. Biehl, R. Simonetti, P. Riegler and N. Caticha
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P. Reimann
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G. Györgyi and P. Reimann
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J. Stat. Phys. 101, 679 (2000)

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