Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Participating group members: David Speer, Peter Reimann
Main cooperation partners: Ralf Eichhorn, NORDITA (Stockholm);
Dieter Koelle and Reinhold Kleiner (Solid State Physics, Tübingen)

NAR A first main issue are unusual transport properties of an underdamped Brownian particle in a periodic potential, e.g. particle current v and static force F of opposite signs. Their origin is a subtle interplay between the stability of coexisting attractors, noise-induced metastability, and transient chaos.

The theoretically predicted unusual transport against force has been verified experimentally by measuring a a negative resistance of about -1 Ohm in a Josephson junction. The correspondence between the electrical properties of a Josephson junction and the transport properties of a Brownian particle in a periodic potential is established by the Stewart-McCumber model for Josephson junctions.


Left: Generalized potential, describing the exponentially leading behavior of the invariant probability density for weak noise at the onset of chaos along the Feigenbaum route. Right: Pre-exponential part of the invariant density.

A second main topic is the influence of weak noise on systems with chaotic deterministic dynamics in discrete time (deterministic diffusion, Feigenbaum-scenario, crises, fully developed chaos) and on anomalous transport properties of Hamiltonian chaotic systems and their possible regularization through weak random fluctuations by means of renormalization methods (stochastic Markov-chain- and Markov-tree-models).

One cornerstone of this research is the general mathematical formalism for describing the decay of complex metastable states, in particular the concept of generalized (non-equilibrium) potentials (see figure).

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