Stochastic Resonance

Participating group members: Mykhaylo Evstigneev, Peter Reimann
Main cooperation partner: Clemens Bechinger

stochastic resonance

Paradigm of stochastic resonance: A symmetric double-well potential is periodically rocked by a weak driving signal. The presence of an optimal dose of noise will statistically induce synchronized hopping events between the two wells.

In this field, one studies the response of various prototypical nonlinear dynamical systems under the simultaneous influence of a weak periodic signal and weak thermal noise.

Our main emphasis is on monostable systems, on quantum mechanical phenomena, and, in particular, on collective phenomena in colloidal systems within a collaboration with the experimental group of Clemens Bechinger at the University of Stuttgart.

The methodological basis for this research is provided by our projects on noise-induced collective phenomena , decay of complex metastable states, and open quantum systems.


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