Hardware components installed at the university of Bielefeld:


Two machines with socalled tube topology, one eight processor machine QUADRICS Q1 and one sixteen processor machine QUADRICS Q2. From these the Q1 belongs to the university itself, the Q2 is a kind loan of Alenia Spazio S.p.A.

Two machines with socalled cube topology, one 32 processor machine QUADRICS Q4-open, installed in November 1995, and the large 256 processor machine QUADRICS QH2. Both are a loan of the "Deutsche Forschungs Gemeinschaft"


All Quadrics machines are practically without operating system. Everything necessary here is done on the front end machines, which are SUN Sparc10 running under SUN OS 4.2.1 in all cases. This operating system is enforced by the usage of a BBKS4 board of Parsytec as a transputer link to the Quadrics. Alenia Spazio, who produce the Quadrics machines, is going to develop a new custom made transputer board that also runs under Solaris 2.0.

The "Hochschul RechenZentrum" and therefore also all Quadrics machines are connected to the outer world by a 2Mbit line.