Implementation of High Energy Physics on APE Parallel Computers

Computer system:

* Hardware components installed at the University of Bielefeld.
* System Software installed at the University of Bielefeld.


* Library of elementary scalar functions
* Library of elementary vectorial functions

Tips and Traps/ FAQ

Other addresses, housing Quadrics computers

* Inside Germany

University of Bielefeld: QH2+2*QH1+Q4open+Q2 28.0 GFlop
DESY - Hamburg: Q1 0.4 GFlop
DESY - Zeuthen: QH4+QH2(extended memory)+QH1+Q1 45.2 GFlop
HLRZ Juelich: Q4open 1.6 GFlop
University of Wuppertal: Q4 1.6 GFlop

* Outside Germany there are mainly the following places:

First of all the INFN, who developed the APE computer upon which the Quadrics is based, should be named. There are two groups within INFN, jointly responsible for the APE, and both are situated in Rome; Another INFN group is located in Pisa

Chimera: (4*QH4 + 2*Q16) (115.2 GFlop)
Tor Vergata Ape group: (QH4 + Q16) (32.0 GFlop)
INFN-Pisa: (QH4 + QH1) (32.0 GFlop)

Besides the above universities there are two additional places in Italy

CASPUR (Q4 + Q1) (2.0 GFlop)
ENEA-HPCN: (2*QH4 + 5*QH1 + QH2-MC + QH1-MC + 9*Q1) (96.4 GFlop)

* Last but not least the home page of the Quadrics user group

Interdisciplinary Research

* ISKOS: Institute for the simulation of complex systems at the university of Bielefeld


* Publications of the particle physics group


* Parallel Computer Course

ISKOS Physics University

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