Elementary Particles and Quantum Fields

Theoretical High Energy Physics

Department of Physics

University of Bielefeld

Status of


Dietrich Bödeker
Reinhart Kögerler, a.D.
Mikko Laine
York Schröder (Heisenberg group)
Aleksi Vuorinen (Kovalevskaja group)

Research Topics

Our research concentrates on various aspects of quantum field theory, such as field theory at finite temperatures or densities; field theory out of equilibrium; and field theory in the vacuum.
Typical observables are the equation of state, particle production rates, and heavy-quark related objects.
Typical methods are effective field theory techniques, multiloop computations, and string-theory inspired strong coupling methods.
The results may find applications in cosmology, in heavy-ion collision experiments at the LHC, and in precision particle physics experiments at a future ILC.

Guest scientists
Madoka Nishimura

Short-term visitors
For General Education

Presentation of the group (in German) in html, pdf.
Lectures on QCD from 2011.
Lectures on Quantum Field Theory (in German) from 2005.
Lectures on Thermal Field Theory from 2005, 2007.
Lectures on Large Extra Dimensions from 2008.
Tomás Brauner
Toru Kojo
Jens Langelage
Markos Maniatis
Alexander Rothkopf
Stefan Stricker
Cedric Studerus
Nan Su
Olli Taanila
Bin Wu

Previous postdocs
Recent Activities

Summer schools in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011.
Workshops in 2007, 2008.
Database of all high energy theory publications.
PhD students
Ioan Ghisoiu
Martin Krssak
Sylvain Mogliacci
Jan Möller
Yan Zhu

Kovalevskaja group: For postdocs (deadline: December 20, 2011).
Heisenberg group: For students and postdocs (deadline: February 1, 2010).
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