Who are we?

We are a group within the Faculty of Physics at the University of Bielefeld which has been carrying out research on the physics of molecules and surfaces for over 25 years.

Whilst we have no complete translation of our website to offer, this summary in English should provide you with some useful information.


Education is a very important aspect of our work. Besides offering seminars and lectures, students are also given the opportunity to learn more about our work by conducting their own experiments as part of a practical course within our laboratories.

We are always interested in hearing from Bachelor, Master, Diploma or PhD students.


Our research covers experimental studies in Atomic and Molecular Physics, Surface Physics, Ultrashort Laser Physics, Nanophotonics, X-Ray Physics, Synchtrotron Radiation Technology, Nanotechnology and Photovoltaics with emphasis on light-matter-interaction.

Detailed information concerning the research activities performed here over the years and previous work performed by leading members of the group the can be found under the following:


Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and experimental set-ups.

Travel Information

Vsitors will find directions on how to find us here .

If travelling by rail, it is best to use the underground, where the No. 4 takes just seven minutes to reach the University (single journey costing 2.00 Euros). There are also taxis in front of the railway station (journeys costing approx. 10 Euros).

If travelling by car then it is best to exit at "Bi-Zentrum" when approaching on the A2. Continuing down the Detmolder Str. then leads to the Bielefeld city centre (approx. six kilometres, ten minutes). The University is then signposted - following the Kreuzstr., Oberntorwall, Stapenhorststr. and Kurt-Schumacher-Str.

Our department is located on the fourth level in block D of the University of Bielefeld.


Our Album presents a little insight into our members and leisure-time activities and our working environment. The links here: reveal our categories "Unterwegs" (trips to Slovakia and Hamburg or simply on a walk around our local animal park), "Gruppe" (pictures of the research group on various occasions such as Christmas parties) and "Uni" (for views of our University).


The final entry on the menu leads to the University of Bielefeld search page. From there, you can search all websites offered by member groups or individuals from our university. We have no specific search engine for our homepage.
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