- Analytic Methods for Quantum Fields at High Temperatures

Analytic Methods for Quantum Fields at High Temperatures

University of Bielefeld, Germany, September 10 - 14, 2007

Block Course of the International Graduate School, GRK 881, Bielefeld - Paris, "Quantum Fields and Strongly Interacting Matter". Supported also by the Deutsch-Französische Hochschule - Université Franco-Allemande.

Intended for PhD students, but application is open to anyone interested. There is no participation fee.

Students who have actively participated in problem solving and tutorials, will be awarded three credit points (ECTS).

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Mikko Laine, University of Bielefeld
York Schröder, University of Bielefeld


Gudrun Eickmeyer
Faculty of Physics
University of Bielefeld
D-33501 Bielefeld Germany
e-mail: gudrun@physik.uni-bielefeld.de
WWW: Particle Physics Group

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