- Cosmic structure and evolution

Invited Speakers include:

Benedetta Ciardi, MPA Garching
Julien Guy, IAP Paris
Gary Hinshaw,NASA
Chung-Pei Ma, UC Berkeley
Bob Nichol, Portsmouth
Patrick Peter, IAP Paris
Glenn Starkman, Case Western
Frank Steiner, Ulm
Francesco Sylos Labini, Rome


Kari Enqvist, Helsinki
Aravind Natarajan, Bielefeld
Patrick Peter, IAP Paris
Dominik Schwarz, Bielefeld

The workshop is supported by the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), and by International Graduate School, GRK 881, Bielefeld - Paris, "Quantum Fields and Strongly Interacting Matter", whose educational program it is part of

Please note that there was a block course on Cosmology preceeding the workshop (September 17 - 22).

The proceedings of the workshop will be published in the journal Proceedings of Science .

The video streams of all talks are available now for direct view or download.

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