Physik supramolekularer Systeme und Oberflächen

Physik Supramolekularer Systeme - Universität Bielefeld
Dr. André Beyer
PD Dr. André Beyer
Raum D0-201
Telephon: 0521 - 106 5364

Research fields

  • helium ion microscopy (imaging and nanomachining)
  • carbon nanomembranes from self assembled monolayers (fabrication and characterization of mechanical, electrical and optical properties)
  • patterning strategies of carbon nanomembranes (chemical patterns, metallic structures, well defined perforations)
  • gas permeation and ion conductivity of nanomembranes
  • transport studies of nanowires with low energy electron point source microscopy

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Prof. Geoff Thornton, University College London

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