Thin Films and Physics of Nanostructures

Spins, waves and interactions

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Preferred poster size: A0 paper size in portrait orientation


It is our great pleasure to announce the third 'Spins, waves and Interactions' seminar in autumn 2016 in the picturesque town of Greifswald.

We prepared many interesting and exciting topics throughout solid state physics with a special focus on magnetism, spintronics and terahertz radiation. In addition to the talks and the poster session, the seminar will leave plenty of time for discussions and networking.


Greifswald University was founded 1456 and is one of the oldest universities in central Europe. Greifswald is part of the Hanseatic League and it radiates its maritime flair in one of the sunniest regions in Germany.

The seminar will take place at the beautiful 'Krupp Kolleg,' which is situated in the historical center of the old university and city of Greifswald, right next to St. Nicholas' Cathedral. Street address: Martin-Luther-Strasse 14, 17489 Greifswald.


The seminar will start with a joint dinner on Wednesday Aug 31 at 7pm and the scientific program ends on Friday Sep 2 at 12.30pm. There is an excursion (kite surf class) planned for Friday afternoon and the following weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am-10:30am Chair Thomas: Schultze, Osten, Gomonay, Radu Chair Huebl: Ganzhorn, Goennenwein, Cramer
10:30am-11am Coffee Coffee
11am-12:30am Chair Kampfrath, Muenzenberg: Frietsch, Sharma, John, Baierl Chair Cramer: Barker, Tretiakov, Reeve
12:30am-2:30pm Lunch Departure
2:30pm-4pm Chair Mueller: Ollefs, Benerjee, Gerber Excursion starts
4pm-4:30pm Chair Goennenwein: Schneider
4:30pm-6:30pm Arrival Poster/ Beer
7pm - Dinner: Theatercafe, Anklamer Str. 108 Dinner: Goldmarie, Fischstr. 11


Please make sure to book your hotel or other accommodation well in advance. There is no particular conference hotel.

Conference fee

There is no fee to attend the seminar. However, the dinner on Wednesday and Thursday has to be paid by everyone individually.


Please send your registration for the seminar until July 30, 2016 (at the latest) to Andy Thomas (

We look forward to seeing you all in September

Markus and Andy