Our new DeltaVision|OMX v4.0 BLAZE system from GE Healthcare was installed and is now fully operational. The arrival of this new highend research instrument was recently highlighted in the local newspapers.

Deanna Wolfson (UC Davis) was awarded a Boehringer-Ingelheim Fund Travel Fellowship to work with Wolfgang Hübner in our group on developing superresolution imaging methods for investigating how HIV-1 spreads between cells.

Simon Hennig was awarded for giving the best non-invited talk at the annual Picoquant Single Molecule Workshop in Berlin

Lena Nolte's report of her RISE exchange visit to UC Davis, funded by the German Acdemic Exchange Service (DAAD), was published and highlighted in the DAAD promotional materials.

Lena Nolte received a best poster award at the 2013 annual conference of the German Physical Society (DPG Jahrestagung).