After an initial grant from the Volkswagen Foundation for 1984-1988, BiBoS has been relying on various sources of funding. At this time (2003), Bielefeld University provides a modest but crucial "seed money" support; the overwhelming part of BiBoS operations is based on projects and partnership programs, from individual fellowships and other resources of guest researchers.


The papers published in scientific journals or proceedings within the Research Center BiBoS are listed in the category 'Preprints'.


Various international meetings have been organized under the auspices of BiBoS:

Modeling of Complex Systems: New perspectives in mathematics, physics and biology, ZiF, June 2002
The Direction of Time: The Role of Reversibility and Irreversiblity in the Study of Nature, ZiF, January 2002
Percolation Phenomena, Basic Techniques and Applications, ZiF, May 2001
Dynn 2000: Dynamical Neural Networks and Applications, ZiF, November 2000
Complexity Research Year at ZiF 2000- 2001
New Trends in Potential Theory and Applications, ZiF, March 2001
Fractal Objects in Mathematics and Natural Science, ZiF, March 2000

Competence - Permanent Members

Scientific competence is of course primarily reflected in the research publications. It - and its recognition - can also be gauged by the following activities:

Consulting, Evaluation

Advisor of the Research Center for Theoretical Physics, the Philippines
Committee for the Evaluation of Universities (Teaching), Council of University Rectors, Portugal, 2001
Scientific Advisory Board, Systems Research GmbH, Austrian Research Centers
Board of Direction of the Center of Theoretical Physics CNRS (Marseille)

Editorial Boards

Reviews of Mathematical Physics, 2000
Methods of Functional Analysis and Topology
Infinite Dimensional Analysis and Quantum Probability
Progress in Mathematical Physics
Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry
Applied Mathematics and Optimization
Electronic Journal of Probability;
Infinite dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics
Journal of Evolution Equations;
Methods in Functional Analysis and Topology
Nonlinear Differential Equations and Applications
Potential Analysis
Stochastics and Stochastic Reports
Random Operators and Stochastic Equations
Questionae Mathematicae
Book series: deGruyter Studies in Mathematics

Work in National and International Organizations

President of the IUPAP Commission 18 (Mathematical Physics) 1997 - 2001
Member of the Presiding Comitee of the DFG

Non-Permanent Members


A considerable number of PhD theses have originated - totally or in part - at BiBoS. In 1998-2002 there were

Stefan Mück, Bielefeld, 1995
Wilhelm Stannat, Bielefeld, 1996
Andreas Eberle, Bielefeld, 1998
J. L. Silva, Univ. da Madeira, 1998
A. Degenhard, Bielefeld, 1999
Th. Ellerbrock, Bielefeld, 1999
M. Grothaus, Bielefeld, 1999
A. Kilian, Bielefeld 1999
T. Kuna, Bonn, 1999
A. Rezgui, Tunis, 2000
Gerald Trutnau, Bielefeld, 2000
Ali Ben Amor, Tunis, 2001
R. Jenane-Gannoun, Tunis, 2001
Feriel Sassi, Tunis, 2001
A. Ruschhaupt, Bielefeld, 2002
M. J. Oliveira, Lisbon, 2002


T. Krüger, Bielefeld-Berlin, 1998
W. Hoh, Bielefeld, 1998
D. Gandolfo, Marseille 2000
A. Eberle, Bielefeld, 2001
B. Cessac, Nice, 2002
W. Stannat, Bielefeld, 2002
S. Assing, Bielefeld, 2003

Former Students

Bielefeld students who have passed through BiBoS are now working in fields such as

Actuarial Science
Airline logistics management
Business Consulting
Medical Physics
University Teaching (Mathematics, Theoretical Physics)

Award Recipients

Humboldt Research Award

Prof. Dr. L. Gross, Cornell University, 1993
Prof. Dr. A. Jadczyk, University of Wroclaw, 1994
Prof. Dr. G. Dell'Antonio, 1997
Prof. Dr. N. Krylov, 2002

Max Planck Research Award

Prof. Dr. S. Albeverio, Prof. Dr. Z.M. Ma, Prof. Dr. Michael Röckner, 1993

State Preis Ukraine

Prof. Dr. Yu.G. Kondratiev, (?)