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BiBoS Preprints 1995

S. Albeverio, Yu. G. Kondratiev, M. Röckner: Uniqueness of the stochastic dynamcis for continuous spin systems on a lattice, BiBoS preprint Nr. 681/2/95

S. Albeverio, Yu. G. Kondratiev: Supersymmetric Dirichlet operators:, BiBoS preprint Nr. 682/2/95

Ph. Blanchard, A. Jadczyk: Theory of Events, BiBoS preprint Nr. 683/3/95

S. Albeverio, T. Lyons, Yu. Rozanov: Some boundary problems for evolution equations with ultraunbounded stochastic source, BiBoS preprint Nr. 684/3/95

Yu.G. Kondratiev, L. Streit, W. Westerkamp, J. Yan: Generalized Functions in Infinite Dimensional Analysis, BiBoS preprint Nr. 685/5/95

P. Garbaczewski, R. Olkiewicz: Feynman-Kac Kernels in Markovian Representations of the Schrödinger Interpolating Dynamics, BiBoS preprint Nr. 686/5/95

A. Val. Antoniouk, A.Vict.Antoniouk: Decay of correlation and the uniqueness of Gibbs measures with non-quadratic interaction, BiBoS preprint Nr. 687/6/95

A. Val. Antoniouk, A.Vic. Antoniouk: Non-linear estimates of quasi- constractive type for non- Lipschitz's differential equations and C - smoothing on initial data, BiBoS preprint Nr. 688/6/95

Ph. Blanchard, J. Stubbe: Bound States for Schrödinger Hamiltonians: Qualitative Theory and Applications, BiBoS Preprint 689/6/95

A.L. Rebenko, G.V. Shchepan uk: The convergence of cluster expansion for continuous systems with many-body interaction, BiBoS preprint 690/6/95

F.H.M. Faisal, U. Schwengelbeck: Unified theory of Lyapunov exponents and a positive example of deterministic quantum chaos, BiBoS preprint Nr.,691/6/95

T. Krüger: Some Remarks about finite discretizations of ß-shifts, BiBoS preprint Nr. 692/6/95.

Ph. Blanchard, A. Jadczyk: Quantum mechanics with event dynamics, BiBoS preprint Nr. 693/6/95

Ph. Blanchard, J. Stubbe: Bound states for Schrödinger Hamiltonians: Phase space methods and applications, BiBoS preprint Nr. 694/6/95

Yu.M. Berezansky, Yu.G. Kondratiev: Biorthogonal systems in Hypergroups: An extension of non-Gaussian analysis, BiBoS preprint Nr. 695/9/95

S. Albeverio, Yu.G. Kondratiev, Yu.V. Kozitsky: Quantum hierarchical model, BiBoS preprint Nr. 696/9/95

A. Yu. Kondratiev, A.L. Rebenko: Some remarks about cluster expansion for unbounded continous spin systems in quantum statistical mechanics, BiBoS preprint Nr. 697/9/95

Yu. L. Daletski, V.A. Kushnirevitch: Poisson and Nijenhuis Brackets for Differential Forms on Non-Commutative Manifold, BiBoS preprint Nr. 698/10/95

R. Gielerak, R. Olkievicz: Gentle perturbations of the free Bose gas. The critical regime, BiBoS preprint Nr. 699/10/95

H. Ouerdiane: Algèbres nucléaires de fonctions entières et equations aux derivées partielles stochastiques, BiBoS preprint Nr. 700/10/95

S. Albeverio, Xian Yin Zhou: A central limit theorem for the fourth Wick power of the free lattice field, BiBoS preprint Nr. 701/10/95

A. Boutet de Monvel, I. Chueshov: The problem on interaction of von Karman plate with subsonic flow of gas, BiBoS preprint Nr. 702/11/95

A. Boutet de Monvel, D. Shepelsky: Direct and inverse scattering problem for a stratified non reciprocal chiral media, BiBoS preprint Nr. 703/11/95

A. Boutet de Monvel, A. Khorunzhy: Limiting theorems for eigenvalue distribution of random matrices with correlated entries, BiBoS preprint Nr. 704/11/95

C.P. Grünfeld, D. Marinescu: On the numerical simulation of a class of reactiv Boltzmann type equation, BiBoS preprint Nr. 705/11/95

A. Boutet de Monvel, I. Chueshov: Uniqueness theorem for weak solutions of von Karman evolution equations, BiBoS preprint Nr. 706/11/95

A. Boutet de Monvel, G. Kazantseva, M. Mantoiu: Some Anisotropic Schrödinger operators without singular spectrum, BiBoS preprint Nr. 707/11/95

A. Boutet de Monvel, I. Egorova, E. Khruslov: Soliton asymptotics of the Cauchy problem solution for the Toda lattice with step-like inital data, BiBoS preprint Nr. 708/11/95

S. Albeverio, A. Hilbert, V. Kolokoltsov: Estimates uniform in time for the transition probability of diffusions with small drift and for stochastically perturbed Newton equations, BiBoS preprint Nr. 709/11/95

S. Albeverio, R. Gielerak, F. Russo: Quantum field theory, Global Markov Property, Gibbsian perturbation of the free field, BiBoS preprint Nr. 710/11/95

A. Jadczyk, G. Kondrat, R. Olkiewicz: On uniqueness of the jump process in event enhanced quantum theory, BiBoS preprint Nr. 711/12/95

E.W. Lytvynov, A.L. Rebenko, G.V. Shchepanuk: Quantum compound Poisson processes and white noise calculus, BiBoS preprint Nr. 712/12/95 (bibos712/12/95.dvi, bibos712/12/, bibos712/12/95.pdf)

B. Cessac, M. Quoy: Influence of Learning in Chaotic Neural Networks, BiBoS preprint Nr. 713/12/95

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