Guests Researchers

Since its creation in 1984, BiBoS has become a prominent forum for collaborative research; scientists from all parts of the world meet here for joint work, and students from many countries have profited from contact with a large and varied number of experts. In the past five years alone BiBoS has hosted no less than 215 researchers from countries such as Armenia, Costa Rica, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Ukraine, USA.

A full listing of the visiting researchers hosted by BiBoS 1998-2003 can be downloaded here (Microsoft Word).

Scholarship Holders


D. Volchenkov, University of Petersburg, 12 months - granted 31.7.2000
Chr. Bernido, Philippines
V. Bernido, Philippines
R. Olkiewicz, Poland, April 1998 - Sept. 1999


Ben Amor, Tunesia
K. El Mabrouk, Tunesia
G. Shchepanuk, Ukraina 1.10.1998 - 31.7.1999
Vyabandi, Burundi, Sept. 2000 - 28.2.2001
S. Poghosyan, Armenia