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Research Center BiBoS, Bielefeld University

Research Center BiBoS

The Research Center BiBoS (Bielefeld-Bonn-Stochastics) at Bielefeld University offers a position (student or scientific assistant) for designing and administrating the website. Applicants should have thorough knowledge of HTML.

If you are interested, please contact Prof. Dr. Michael Röckner or Bärbel Jahns.

For technical details, you can contact Torsten Wirsig.

Graduate Student Position (BAT IIa/2)

Condensed Matter Theory Group, Faculty of Physics, Bielefeld University

Condensed Matter Theory Group

Simulation and Theory of Surface Anchoring

A graduate student position (BAT IIa/2) is available in the field of liquid crystal physics. The project will be to study the structure of nematic (oriented) liquid crystals on substrates of different geometry by density functional methods and by computer simulations. Our goal is to improve the understanding of the microscopic origin of surface anchoring, a phenomenon which plays an important role in LCD technology.

Please send inquiries or applications to Prof. Friederike Schmid.

Graduate Student Position

Graduiertenkolleg Strukturbildungsprozesse, Bielefeld University

Graduiertenkolleg Strukturbildungsprozesse

Detection and Classification of Breast Cancer in Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Morphometric Parameters

Click here for a detailed project description (PDF; 94,415 bytes) and send inquiries or applications to Dr. Andreas Degenhard.

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