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We study the structural organization of biomolecules in cells applying novel microscopic techniques that provide single-molecule sensitivity and a spatial resolution below the diffraction limit.

Photoswitches: Key molecules for subdiffraction-resolution fluorescence imaging and molecular quantification

(Review article in Laser & Photonics Reviews, 2009)


Fluorescence microscopy beyond the diffraction limit

(Review article in the Journal of Biotechnology, 2010)


Poster presentation, BPS Annual Meeting 2010


Recent papers


Counting single proteins in dense clusters

Lando, Endesfelder et al., Open Biology 2012                     



Single-particle tracking of TNF receptor 1 in live cells

Heidbreder et al., BBA Molecular Cell Research 2012                     



3D, tomographic super-resolution imaging of thick tissue

Nanguneri et al., PLoS ONE 2012                     



Super-resolution fluorescence imaging of chromosomal DNA in intact cells

Zessin et al., J Struct Biol 2012                     



Coordinate-based colocalization analysis of pointillistic super-resolution data

Malkusch et al., Histochem Cell Biol 2012





Oct 2nd 2012: Meike successfully defended her PhD thesis -- Congratulations!!

September 2012: SwissPALM @EPFL and PicoQuant Single-Molecule Meeting @Berlin

August 2012: a manuscript on cluster analysis of HIV particles has been accepted by Histochemistry

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 and Cell Biology

August 2012: a manuscript on fluorogenic probes for nucleic acid detection has been accepted by ChemComm

August 2012: group retreat at Buchen, Odenwald

July 2012: EPA/IUPAC meeting at Coimbra & award of the EPA-PPS paper prize for this PPS paper

July 2012: Optics Within Life Science (www.owls2012.org) at Genua

June 2012: our study on the lateral mobility of single TNF-receptors in live cells using single-particle tracking was accepted by BBA Molecular Cell Research

June 2012: our work on quantitative single-molecule imaging of CENP-A in S. pombe was accepted for publication in Open Biology

June 2012: ELMI @ Leuven with two posters by Patrick and Franzi

May 2012: tomoSTORM accepted for publication in PlosONE! (link)

May 2012: ISBI @ Barcelone

April 2012: FOM @ Singapore, with two presentations by Ulrike and Mike

Mar 2012: a review article on live cell super-resolution imaging in Annual Reviews of Physical Chemistry

Feb 20th 2012: Ulrike successfully defended her PhD thesis -- Congratulations!!

Feb 2012: getting prepared for the 2012 BPS meeting in San Diego

Feb 2012: Anika and Carmen join the group for their Master Thesis -- Welcome!!

Jan 2012 : Franzi is awarded a PhD fellowship by the Graduate School of Life Sciences -- Congrats!!

Dec 2012: 2 papers accepted: super-resolution of chromosomal DNA (Journal of Structural Biology) and coordinate-based colocalization analysis (Histochemistry and Cell Biology)

Nov 2011: Bianca and Christoph join the group for their Master Thesis, and Franzi joins the group for a PhD -- Welcome!!

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